Where Do Lincoln Square’s Wealthiest Residents Live?

We broke down the household income by block in the neighborhood. Check out where the wealthiest, and the poorest, residents in town live.

It’s no surprise that household income in Lincoln Square is well above the state's average, but certain blocks in the community are far wealthier than others.

It’s all broken down by the website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, an online tool that combines Google Maps with the most recent Census data to show income and rent prices in every neighborhood in America.

According to the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey from 2007-2011, the richest people in town live north of Foster between Western and Ravenswood Avenues. The median household income for that area is $67,414 annually. Just south of there, from Wilson to Montrose between Western and the Chicago River, is the second-wealthiest area, with a $66,845 median household income. 

That’s compared to Illinois’ middle-class household income ranging between $48,000 and $59,000.

Consequently, the households with the least income in Lincoln Square border the richest. From Foster to Bryn Mawr between Western and California avenues reportedly earn about $50,156 annually. 

The breakdown by Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks is done by Census Tract. The average household income for all tracts in Lincoln Square is $60,057. That's almost $30,000 less than North Center with $89,000 earned annually. Both are well above the state’s middle-class range.

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks also looks at the median monthly rent costs. Residents renting apartments from Wilson to Montrose between Western and the Chicago River are paying the most at about $1,196 per month. Renters in that same area, but from Western to Damen avenues are paying the least in rent, with a median around $805. 

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